Nephrology Treatment

The branch of medical science and study that deals distinctly in the medicine and pediatrics related to the functioning of kidney is known as nephrology. Besides that, it also concerns in any kidney disease, preserving the health of the kidneys, diagnosis and treatment of ill condition of the kidneys, kidney stone, and medication for dysfunction or renal replacement therapy. A nephrologist is in charge of carrying out examinations on the patient who complains of any malfunction related to kidneys. In normal cases, medication can improve whereas extreme conditions require surgical help.


What are the services offered?

There can be a range of kidney diseases that need special attention from an advanced hospital that has all the latest technology to carry out proper tests and diagnose the disease correctly. The doctors at hospital are efficient enough as well. Following are the types of services offered:

  • Often kidneys show an impair in their functioning. Hospital has the facility of erythropoietin stimulating agent which helps in production of RBCs and activated vitamin D to ensure that the kidneys do not fail.
  • Immunosuppression is available at the hospital as a treatment for vasculitis or in case the body refuses to take a kidney transplant.
  • To save the patient’s life from kidney failure in acute conditions, an expertise team of doctors and helping staffs are available to carry out renal replacement therapy.
  • Patients also suffer from chronic kidney disease against which the hospital takes immense care and guide them through right medication.

Facilities at the hospital

  • Dialysis is one of the most common methods to provide artificial support to extend the kidneys’ function. At this hospital, latest machinery for dialysis is done with very nurturing aftercare.
  • Renal transplantation has effective result at this hospital.

Hence, with all the advanced treatments and immense care provided by the hospital, patients can certainly hope to get well sooner.

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