Neurologist in Vadodara

Neurology is referred to that branch of medicine which focuses on dealing with all sorts of disorders of the nervous system including the brain and the spine. Neurology actually deals with the diagnosis and the treatment of all the conditions and diseases involving the overall nervous system of the human body. The doctor who is qualified and trained to investigate, diagnose or treat any of the neurological disorders is called a neurologist. Besides the having the best Neurologist in Vadodara, there are a number of other specialized doctors who work in the same department at Gujarat Kidney and Superspeciality Hospital Vadodara.

Neurology Treatment & Services we offer

At GKSH neurology hospital in Vadodara we are focused on offering world class neurological services to the patients so that they can be eased out of the condition or the disease that they are suffering from. A wide range of services are offered in the hospital which are as follows.

  • The hospital offers neuro intensive care to help the patients survive some of the life-threatening nervous disorders or neurological diseases.
  • All types of neuro degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease & other dementias, Parkinson’s disease & several other disorders related to the same, motor neurone diseases and Huntington’s disease are to name a few of them.
  • Interventional neurology is offered at its best by the adequately trained and vastly experienced doctors of the neurology department.
  • The other services that the hospital offers are epilepsy service, movement disorder services, disc disease management, multiple sclerosis, memory disorders and pediatric neurology. Apart from these, the hospital effectively takes care of acute and chronic demyelinating disorders.

Facilities Provided at Gujarat Kidney Hospital

  • The hospital has a state of art, neuro ICU, neuro interventional Cath lab and an acute stroke unit to effectively deal with all sorts of neuro emergency situations.
  • Advanced neuro imaging facilities are available along with a world class neuro surgery operating room.

The hospital has all the necessary infrastructure to offer neurology services at its best to the patients at the time of their emergencies to ensure complete satisfaction to the patients as well as their family members at the same time.

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