Bariatric Surgery in India

Bariatric surgery is also referred to as the (obesity) weight loss surgery. This surgical procedure is usually carried out on people who have the problem of obesity. In this procedure, weight loss is achieved by decreasing the stomach size with the help of a gastric band or through the exclusion of a part of the stomach. It can also be done by re-routing and resecting the small intestine to a small stomach pouch. The doctor who is trained and qualified to carry out a bariatric surgery is known as bariatric surgeon. Apart from the bariatric surgeon, there are several other specialized doctors who work in the same department.

Bariatric Surgery & Treatment

The hospital is focused on offering premium quality bariatric surgery services to the patients so that they can lose weight and lead a normal life. A vast range of services are offered in the hospital which are mentioned below.

  • The hospital provides a holistic approach to manage obesity and its metabolic consequences with focus on all features such as counseling, nutritional management, surgical management and wellness program to combat any type of weight related disorders and its related syndromes.
  • The hospital deals with advanced body mass analysis with an exclusive one hour consultation covering diverse aspects of the obesity health including counseling, to understand the requirements of the patient and customize the procedure that will give them the maximum benefit.
  • The hospital has been able to gain fame in bariatric surgery with the use of all contemporary tools and techniques. Their procedure involves lesser hazards, reduced pain with quick result and shorter stay in the hospital.

Facilities Provided at Gujarat Kidney Superspeciality Hospital

  • The hospital has a special ward which has been refurbished aptly to fulfill the needs obese patients. Every fitting and furniture in the ward are certified to hold on up to 250 kg to a maximum weight load capacity of 350 kg.
  • State-of-the-art Operation theater is available along with trained nurses and technicians to take care of the patient’s needs.

The hospital has all the needed infrastructure to offer best bariatric surgery services to the patients to ensure complete satisfaction of the patients in addition to their family members simultaneously.

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