Dietitians are the trained health professionals who assess, diagnose and treat nutritional and dietary problems of the patient. Dietitians work not only for the sick people but also for the healthy people. They use the most advanced scientific research and public health on food, and disease which they translate into practical guidance to facilitate people make proper lifestyle and food choices. Dieticians work in clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. When working in the hospital settings, the dietician needs to collaborate with the doctors in order to provide nutritional care to patients. The dieticians also teach patients how to make nutritionally rich food choices to speed the recovery procedure, prevent disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Services on Offer

The hospital understands the impact of diet and nutrition on an individual’s body and takes pride in the various services that they offer in this field, some of which are mentioned below:

  • The clinical dieticians carry out comprehensive nutritional assessments on inpatients, so as to recognize requirements and goals for enhancing nutritional intake and health of the individual.
  • Customized plans are designed so as to meet the health and the overall condition of the patient.
  • The dieticians within the hospital offer therapeutic diets for inpatients such as Low Salt, Diabetic Diet, and High Protein etc. as per the patient’s condition, likes and dislikes which assist the patients to recover faster.
  • Clinical dietitians assess, monitor, and optimize nutrition status based on the current medical condition nutrition adequacy of the patient.

Facilities Provided

  • The department of dietetics services at the hospital is advanced and completely dedicated to offer the leading edge nutrition practice, highest quality nutritional care, innovative business developmental process flow, food service and education to staff and patients.
  • Advanced facilities are available along with a world class department of dietetics services room.

The trained healthcare professionals of the hospital focus at providing the best diet plans for the individuals.

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