Endocrinology & Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine surgery is a subspecialty of general surgery that primarily focuses on diseases of the parathyroid, thyroid, and adrenal glands. Endocrine surgery thus refers to operations on one or more of the endocrine glands. These glands exude hormones into the bloodstream and have a significant influence over the functions of almost all cells in the body. This surgery is performed by the endocrine surgeons who have special expertise and training in operations on a number of the endocrine glands. Endocrine surgeons work closely with endocrinologists who are responsible for both the initial diagnosis and investigation of endocrine disorders.

Endocrine Surgery Treatments

The hospital is committed to providing access to endocrine surgery for the patients with endocrine glands disorder. Teams of medical specialists offer numerous services for patients looking for information on endocrine surgery. A vast range of services are offered in the hospital, some of which are mentioned below:

  • The hospital is the largest endocrine surgical service in the country and performs the best parathyroidectomies, thyroidectomies and adrenalectomies.
  • The hospital also offers re-operative thyroid and parathyroid surgery, in addition to parathyroid surgery and robotic thyroid.
  • The hospital’s endocrine surgery service treats thyroid disease, such as thyroid lumps, goiter and thyroid cancer.
  • It also offers investigation and treatment for adrenal tumors and hyperparathyroidism, as well as any related blood tests and scans.

Facilities Provided at Gujarat Superspeciality Hospital

  • The hospital has a state of the art centralized lab which offers test for all hormones and a range of metabolic parameters.
  • The hospital has a modern nuclear medicine lab which offers radionuclide imaging and therapy with radio-isotopes.
  • The hospital also has a radiology department that offers all imaging facilities.
  • Department of Endocrine surgery is equipped with facilities to give uninterrupted solution to all endocrine related disorder.

The hospital has the state of the art infrastructure to offer best endocrine surgery services to the patients and a pocket friendly prices making it easier for them to afford.

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