Hernia Clinic in Vadodara

What is Hernia?

A hernia is caused at the time when any organ or fatty tissue squeezes its way through a spot in a surrounding muscle or connective that is very weak. The weak muscle or the tissue is referred to as fascia. It can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to the affected individual. This is exactly where the need of a good quality hernia clinic arises. The Gujarat Kidney hospital has a specialised hernia clinic that takes care of all issues related to hernia.

Types of Hernia

The classification of a hernia is done as per the location of the occurrence. The most common types of hernia are as discussed below.

  • Inguinal Hernia – Occurs at the inner groin when the intestine or the bladder squeezes through the wall of the abdomen or into the inguinal canal
  • Incisional Hernia– Occurs as a result of an incision that is at the site of a previous surgery
  • Femoral Hernia – Occurs at the outer groin at the time when the intestine enters the canal that carries the femoral artery into the region of the upper thigh
  • Umbilical Hernia – Occurs at the belly button when a part of the small intestine and squeezes through the naval wall
  • Hiatal Hernia – Occurs at the upper region of the stomach when the stomach passes through an opening in the diaphragm known as the hiatus

Hernia Treatment Offered by the Hospital

The treatment procedure followed by the hernia clinic at the hospital are as follows.

  • The expert doctors recommend some necessary changes in the diet and lifestyle for helping in the reduction of the symptoms.
  • The doctors also prescribe prescription and over the counter medications to effectively deal with hernia.
  • The last option used is surgery where the hernia is repaired by a laparoscopic surgery or an open surgery

Why Choose Us?

The hernia clinic has all the necessary equipment and infrastructure to provide an efficient and effective treatment to the individuals suffering from hernia. With over several years of expertise in this field, the Gujarat Kidney Hospital would be the ideal option if your are searching for a premium quality hernia clinic.

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