Joint Replacement

Joint replacement is an orthopaedic surgery in which a dysfunctional joint exterior is replaced with an orthopaedic prosthetic one. Joint replacement is needed for the people who are suffering from muscle swelling, severe joint pain, stiffness, muscle weakness and limping. It depends on the joint that has been affected, and the extent to which the damage has occurred. Patients might face trouble walking, moving their limbs, climbing stairs. If a person is overweight or suffering from obesity, they can have severe joint pain too. The hospital mainly allows joint replacement for the people who have been suffering from it for an elongated time and already tried all the non-surgical ways. The hospital provides a very effective surgery, so the patient can move and walk freely once again.

Services provided

For so many years the hospital is providing joint replacement cure to the patients and in recent times with the help of advanced surgical techniques, joint replacement has become a regular operation in the hospital.

The services provided here as the following:

  • Artificial hip replacement- A procedure by which the damaged hip is removed by an artificial joint.
  • Artificial knee replacement- The surgical procedure for replacing the knee with an artificial one.
  • Joint replacement- A prosthesis is attached at the place of the damaged joint.
  • Minimally invasive hip and knee replacement- This procedure is for knee and hip replacements.

Facilities offered

  • The hospital offers the most successful and complete orthopaedics and rehabilitation program in the region
  • Program facility includes nutrition counselling, spiritual resources, and emotional support
  • Provides personalized post-surgery rehabilitation plan to get the patient back to living a healthy active life
  • Pain managing after joint replacement
  • Prevents several complications and infections
  • Advanced surgical techniques for knee and hip replacement
  • For arthroplasty procedures, the hospital provides advanced techniques.
  • Providing rehabilitation for highly active patients
  • Innovative research and successful outcomes on innovative hip and knee implants

The hospital offers expertise joint replacement cure and surgeries along with making sure that the patients are completely satisfied.

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