Kidney Stone Treatment Clinic in Vadodara

What are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are solid masses which are made of crystals resulting in the creation of a blockage. These stones usually originate in the kidneys but they can develop in any of the parts of the urinary tract that is in the uterus, urethra or the urinary bladder. The kidney stones can be very painful which is why the people look forward to a good kidney stone clinic for treatment.

Types of Kidney Stones

The kidney stones are not always formed from the same crystals and this is the reason they are classified into different types according to their element of formation.

  • Calcium Stones – These stones are the most commonly occurring ones which are formed from calcium oxalate but they can also contain calcium phosphate or maleate.
  • Uric Acid Stones – These stone are more common in the women as compared to the men which might occur in person affected with gout or one who is undergoing chemotherapy. These stones are formed when the urine is too acidic in nature.
  • Struvite Stones – These stones occur as a result of some kinds of infections of the urinary tract and is more common in the women. The struvite stones can also result from a kidney infection.
  • Cystine Stones – These stones are very rare and occur as a result of the ones with genetic disorder known as cystinuria.

Kidney Stone Treatment Offered by the Hospital

The treatment procedure varies according to the type of stones but the primary treatment measure is drinking huge amounts of water to flush out the kidney stones. The other treatment procedure includes the following.

  • Effective narcotic medications are used to deal with the pain arising from the stones. The infections are treated with antibiotics as per the requirements.
  • The expert doctors apply extracorporeal shock waves lithotripsy that uses sound waves for breaking up the large sized stones so they easily pass out through the bladder.
  • Tunnel surgery is done for the removal of the stone as and when needed.
  • Ureteroscopy is conducted by our expert doctors for the removal of the stone when they are struck in the ureter or the bladder.

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The Gujarat Kidney Hospital has a state of art kidney stone clinic to effectively deal with all sorts of kidney stones to complexly satisfy the users. The doctor at the clinic are adequately trained and vastly experienced to impart the supreme quality treatment to the patients.

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