Best Kidney Transplant Hospital in India

A kidney transplant is a surgical process that places a healthy kidney within the body of an individual with damaged kidneys. During a transplant, the surgeon places the new kidney in the lower abdomen and connects the vein and artery of the transplanted kidney to the patient’s vein and artery. The kidney transplant procedure is usually carried out by the kidney transplant surgeon. A kidney transplant is usually prescribed by the doctor to treat kidney failure and chronic kidney disease.

Services on Offer

The GKSHl is dedicated to offer world class kidney transplant services to the patients so that they can be eased out of the condition or the disease that they are suffering from. A vast range of services are offered in the hospital which are explained below making us a renowned Kidney Transplant Hospital in India.

  • The hospital offers a dedicated top-notch transplant unit. This specialized unit not only helps with a proper kidney transplant but also helps the post-transplant patients to recover faster.
  • Once a kidney has been identified as a possible match for the patient, a special blood test called a "crossmatch" is performed in the lab of the hospital with the blood and the kidney donor's blood to evaluate for compatibility.
  • After the surgery is completed, the patient spends several hours in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit and is then taken to the transplant patient care unit. Careful, complete post-surgical monitoring continuously at GKSH Kidney Transplant Hospital in India evaluates whether the patient’s body is accepting the new organ.

Facilities Provided

  • The Centers of Nephrology and Urology in the hospital have a large and wide-ranging renal transplant program.
  • The hospital performs minimally invasive surgery for renal donors thus reducing post-operative hospitalization and recovery time.
  • Advanced facilities are available along with a world class kidney transplant unit.

The hospital is equipped with the proper infrastructure for offering the best kidney transplant services to the patients.

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