Oncology-Cancer Treatment in Vadodara

Oncology is a part of medical science that specializes in the treatment of cancer. The treatment for this includes medical, surgical and radiation oncology. A medical practitioner of oncology is called an oncologist. There are different types of doctors in the hospital who works to plan a patient’s overall treatment. For example, if a patient needs a combination of treatment like radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery, it’s called a multidisciplinary group. There are some patients who need only one of the therapies but most of the cancer patients require a combination of treatments. The expert doctors in the hospital make things quite easy for the patients with their expertised guidance.

Services on Offer

There are several services provided by the hospital they are:

  • Cancer surgery- The cancer is removed by the surgeon.
  • Chemotherapy- Drugs are used to kill cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy- It helps the immune system of the body to fight cancer.
  • Radiation therapy- High radiation to kill cells.
  • Stem cell transplant- Helps is forming stem cells in the blood.
  • Precision medicine- Doctors prescribe medicines based on genetic disorders.
  • Targeted therapy- It targets the changes in cancer cells.
  • Hormone therapy- Helps in ceasing the growth of prostate and breast cancer.

Facilities Provided

  • The hospital provides care and operates medical institutions that deliver advanced and innovative, protocol-driven care.
  • The hospital ensures that they meet the highest standards for safety, quality, and transparency while always putting the needs of the patient first.
  • It supports other providers. The hospital ensures that they work with advanced technology and tools. Also, with latest resources, and expertise essential, that are to build and manage the state-of-the-art healthcare programs.
  • The hospital focuses on comprehensive cancer treatment facilities in international markets. They also operate a full-service reference laboratory and pathology provider.

The help and coordination of the hospital are aimed at providing hundred percent satisfaction to the patients.

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