Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgery is a type of surgical procedure which is performed in the chest especially in thorax. The function of thoracic surgery is to treat injured or diseased organs in the thorax which include the trachea, esophagus, pleura, chest wall, mediastinum, heart, lungs, and diaphragm. The doctor who is trained and qualified to carry out thoracic surgery is called a thoracic surgeon. Besides the thoracic surgeon, there are a number of other specialized doctors who work together in order to carry out the surgical procedure safely. The most common diseases that requires thoracic surgery include chest trauma, lung & esophageal cancer, lung transplantation, and emphysema.

Treatment for Thoracic

The hospital is focused on offering world class thoracic surgical procedure to the patients so that they can be eased out of the condition or the disease that they are suffering from. A vast range of services are offered in the hospital which are as follows.

  • The hospital offers innovative approaches to thoracic surgery. It offers convenient and comprehensive advanced surgical care for the patients suffering with conditions that involve lungs, esophagus, heart and other organs in the chest.
  • The multidisciplinary team at the hospital includes board certified thoracic surgeons and a variety of sub-specialists who help identify the most effective and safe treatment options. This helps the thoracic surgeons find out successful treatment options, including advanced surgical procedures.
  • The hospital has the renowned thoracic surgeons who have the experience of carrying out thoracic surgery.

Facilities Provided at Gujarat Kidney Superspeciality Hospital

  • The hospital has a state of art referral centre offering all major thoracic surgical procedures such as complicated lung resections including sleeve and segmental resections for lung cancer, tuberculosis and other infective conditions, congenital lesions and emphysema.
  • The hospital is aptly complemented with well equipped systems of Chest Medicine with very experienced doctors, respiratory technicians and interventional pulmonologists and it makes them a one stop destination for all thoracic surgical conditions.

The hospital has all of the essential infrastructure to offer thoracic surgery at its best to the patients giving them or their family members not a single chance to complain.

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