Trauma Care Center in Vadodara

A trauma care centre in a hospital, that provides care for the patients who have undergone severe traumatic injuries suck as gunshot wounds, fall, motor accidents etc. It is also referred as an emergency department of a hospital known as the “casualty department”. Trauma centres generally provide specialized medical services to patients who are suffering from traumatic injuries. A good treatment has been proven to reduce the chances of death or permanent disability to patients. For the same reason, trauma centres always have to be prepared to treat the most serious, life-threatening and disabling injuries. However, most trauma centres are within hospitals, they do not intend to replace the main hospital and its emergency department for minor injuries.

Advance Critical Care and Trauma Care Centre

The trauma centre provides all kinds of thorough services to the injured patient. The trauma management in this hospital starts with the primary survey of the patient which is referred to as the ABCDE method. This includes:

  • Airway assessment
  • Breathing
  • Circulation
  • Disability
  • Exposure

In an addition to this, there is diagnostic, secondary and tertiary and special cases treatment available with the hospital.

Diagnostic care includes:

  • Portable X-ray
  • CT scans
  • Laboratory test
  • Blood glucose level
  • Lactate

Secondary and tertiary includes:

  • Primary tests
  • Thorough physical examination
  • Mainly to check for any missed injury

Special cases require immediate interventions and special tests. These cases include:

  • Any injury in bladder or kidney
  • Penetration wounds and gunshot ones are operated.

Facilities offered at Gujarat Kidney Superspeciality Hospital

  • The hospital has an advanced trauma care centre. The doctors and the healthcare team are specialized in taking the ultimate care of the injured and traumatized person.
  • The thorough diagnosis and fast interventions have proven to deliver immediate aid to the patients with fast recovery.

The hospital is focused on providing all kinds of immediate aid to their patients who are in urgent need of trauma care making sure that none of the patients are left untreated.

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